Special Learning Events


Throughout the course of the year we hold a number of special memorable events for the children, these have included: book week, eco week, science day, sports day, dress up days, school performances and international events. These are by no means the only memorable times for the children…each day we aim to hold exciting and engaging learning opportunities for the children at DVIS!

Some highlights:

Neurodiversity Celebration Week: 13th-17th May 2019

We are using this national occasion to openly share with our friends the things that we find difficult in school, and particularly to celebrate the strengths and talents that we each have. We will be talking about how everyone thinks differently, and that this makes us special and unique. Photos will be coming soon!


Our annual Big Week

In 2018 we held our BIG week again and the topic was "When I grow up!"! The children arrived in the playground on a Tuesday morning to find a whole host of different experiences on offer.... from shop keeping to nursing, building to sports development, The children spent the rest of the week hearing from parents about their jobs, about ideas for future jobs and careers and what skills might be needed for these. At the end of the week the children dressed up to show their hoped for future job! Throughout the week we aimed to challenge the children with regards to stereotypes and roles in the work place as well as thinking about different skills we can start to build up in order to support our dreams. The work also supported the idea of transitions and leant itself nicely to preparing the children for next steps into a new class or new school.

A Cross-School International Afternoon

A great first joint international afternoon was held in May between the Hamlet Junior School and Dulwich Village CE Infants' School. We opened up the Francis Building playground into the Hamlet playground and the fun began. Each class had developed a display and 'stall' based on a country based on the children's work, teachers ideas and parental support. There was a joint choir, catwalk of traditional dress and food tasting galore. Every child could take a passport around to each stall and stamp the passport once they had visited a country. It was a colourful, exciting and fun family event that was underpinned by some wonderful learning and creativity. 

Precision Teaching

Watch our recent talk for parents on how to help your children at home with specific learning objectives: