Building Learning Power


At DVIS we want all the children to think about HOW they learn as well as about WHAT they are learning. These learning powers will be woven into and throughout our learning and broad and balanced curriculum.

We will be focusing on one learning power a term and this term we are finding out more about Resilience. We have chosen Mr Bump as a symbol for this!

Mr Bump has powers that he uses for when he gets knocked over and needs to show resilience. The powers Mr Bump has for resilience include:

  • Absorption - Being able to lose yourself in learning — becoming absorbed in what you are doing; rapt and attentive, in a state of ‘flow’.
  • Managing Distractions - Recognising and reducing distractions; knowing when to walk away and refresh yourself. Creating your own best environment for learning.
  • Noticing - Perceiving subtle nuances, patterns and details in experience.
  • Perseverance - Keeping going on even in the face of difficulties, channelling the energy of frustration productively. Knowing what a slow and uncertain process learning often is.

We will keep you updated on how and when we discuss more aspects of the learning powers on this webpage and our newsletters.

pdflogoBuilding Learning Power at DVIS presentation for parents.
pdflogoChild friendly guide to Building Learning Power at DVIS

To start with ... take a look at this song from the animation film Trolls and enjoy!

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