Our School Day

Francis Building

francis building2019

pdflogoFrancis Site Plan

9:00am to 3:30pm Gates open at 8:45am
This site is home to Year Two classes Picasso, Hepworth and Magritte.

Lake Building

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pdflogoLake Site Plan

8:50am-3:20pm.Gates open at 8:40am
This site is home to Reception classes Riley, Lowry and Matisse and Year One classes Kandinsky, Goldsworthy and Monet.
Children are welcomed to school each day by a member of staff on the main entrance to the cloakrooms and classrooms.


In case of absence – please ensure you ring the school office on your child’s first day of absence to inform them of the reason for absence. The school does not promote holidays being taken during term time. Any requests for absence for school for any reason should be put in writing to the Headteacher. See our Absence policy on the Policy Documents page

If you need to request other absence please put your request in writing to the Headteacher.
All absences impact the child’s progress and achievements and therefore absence from school is taken seriously by the leadership team. Any absence that falls below 95% will be followed up by the Headteacher.

Attendance figures for current academic year 2018-19:

Unauthorised absence – 0.31%
Overall attendance – 97.37%


If you have a message for the teacher or need to make the school aware of change to collection arrangements please let the member of staff on the door know.