What is the PTFA?

The Parents Teachers and Friends Association of DVIS exists to enrich the lives of our children in their early education.

We encourage families to come together and meet other members of the school community, providing enjoyment and fun through various events and activities. The PTFA also raises funds through these events to help develop the life and work of the school and support the school’s own spending.

Events have included school discos for the whole family, quiz nights for parents, cake sales, Christmas and summer fairs to name a few. PTFA funds have been used to support many varied areas of school life, including the development of new outdoor play areas and laying of astro turf, providing new classroom materials and reading books, buying ipads for each class and providing support for teachers’ training and development.

Who is in it and how does it work?

All parents, carers and teachers of children at DVIS are automatically members of the PTFA when they join the school. All PTFA events and activities are run by volunteers from within our community. The PTFA holds an AGM to agree aims for the year and vote in members for key roles. It meets informally once or twice a term to review activities and discuss ideas or concerns. Everyone is welcome to attend all the meetings.

The PTFA is headed by a committee with three core roles, which can be shared: the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The committee calls meetings, plans and oversees the organisation of events and agrees spending proposals with the school and wider PTFA membership. Each class also has reps who attend meetings and help to coordinate PTFA activities across the school.

The AGM for the school year 2016-2017 is on Tuesday 27 September at 7.30pm in the Lake Building hall. Please come along to find out more and volunteer where you can.


If you would like to contact a member of hte PTFA please email them on:

Upcoming Events

    • Cake Sale & 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
    • Cake Sale & 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
    • 13th Quiz Night
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Cake & 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
    • Cake Sale & 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
  • MAY
    • Family Disco
  • JUNE
    • Sports day lollies
    • Cake Sale & 2nd Hand Uniform Sale
  • JULY
    • Summer Fair
    • New parents evening
    • Welcome event in park
    • Leavers Disco
    • Leavers Camping Trip
    • Welcome Event in park for next intake​

School uniform

Part of the PTFA’s fundraising is linked to the purchase of school uniform through the link below:
Dulwich Village Uniform

The PTFA take a very small percentage of every item purchased and this is added to funds supporting the school.
The PTFA also sell second hand uniform at the regular cake sales held each term. For more information please contact the school office.