Our Values

In all we do we aim to display... Love, Kindness, Joy, Self-Control and Faithfulness.

Our Christian values permeate the life of the school. As we go through the day the children and adults aim to live out these values, deepening their meaning and showing them in many practical ways. We ensure that diversity and difference is celebrated.

Each week we spend time together as a school celebrating those children who have particularly shown these values in their attitude and behaviour at school.

Our Values Cups winners are:

Stella in Goldsworthy for Faithfulness

Zaynab in Monet for Joy

Joshua in Magritte for Joy

Toby in Picasso for Faithfulness

Valentina in Kandinsky for Love

Summer in Matisse for Self Control

Isaac in Lowry for Self Control

Aoife in Goldsworthy for Kindness

Dylan in Riley for Kindness

Coco in Hepworth for Love​

Values Cups are presented at the end of half term in Our Worship.

Each week gold coins are handed out the by the Headteachers for children's great behaviour and attitude at school. Every half term these are counted up and a prize given to the class that has collected the most!

Gold Coins
Well done to Kandinsky who won the most gold coins this term for outstanding behaviour in and out of the classroom.

We celebrate the children being punctual and having overall good attendance too and a prize is given for best punctuality and also best attendance.

Attendance And Punctuality
Congratulations and thank you to Magritte who have had the best attendance in the Autumn term and Picasso who were the most punctual to start school each day with only 1 late mark between them.