Our Community

Our community stretches near and far.

We have links with the local schools and facilities, enjoying others strengths and sharing our own.

Save the Children Den Day Summer 2016

We all got together to build dens at school to support those children who live in temporary structures as refugees. We raised money to support the work of Save the Children and also thought about the lives we would lead if we were to live in a den similar to the ones we built out of cardboard. Everyone was very creative and imaginative when it came to making their den homes!

The school has a strong link with St Barnabas Church and the Southwark Diocese, joining with them in worship and in sharing resources.

We enjoy visits from members of the Dulwich Helpline, older members of the community in which we live. Some have been linked to Year Two classes and come to visit and share their skills and wisdom. They in turn enjoy learning from us as well!

DVIS supports Cherish Primary School, a school for children in Akaloosa Village in Entebbe, set up by an organisation called Cherish Uganda. (www.cherishuganda.org)  “Cherish Uganda is a faith-based response to the most vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned children living with the HIV virus. Our response is built on The HOPE Principles of Healthcare, Love, Prosperity and Education for the children who fall or are pushed below the scope of most childcare services offered to OVC's in Uganda due to their HIV positive status and the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.”

As a school we are continuing to build links with Cherish Primary School and in the past we have raised money to enable the school to have a music teacher and for musical resources. 

Teacher Training at Cherish Primary School, Uganda - July 2013

Thanks to the incredible support from parents and the community, two of our teachers, Jaime Long and Alex Brown were in Uganda over the summer supporting the teachers and children at Cherish Primary School. Here is a message from Cherish Primary School following their visit:

‘Jaime and Alex’s visit to Cherish Primary School was amazing. They were able to deliver first class training to teachers from the surrounding schools. Their training is still being talked about now and the teachers said that the content that was delivered was invaluable. At Cherish Primary School, as a result of Jaime and Alex’s input, we have totally changed the way we teach in the Nursery section. To watch our children enjoy their new environment that is active, creative and engaging has been great. they have also turned around out behavioural management approach. The children loved them. We miss them and would love for them to come back, but this time for longer! Thank you so much for sending them to us.’