Special Learning Events

Throughout the course of the year we hold a number of special memorable events for the children. So far this year these have included: Book Week, Eco Week, Science Day, Sports Day and International Evening. These are by no means the only memorable times for the children…each day we aim to hold exciting and engaging learning opportunities for the children at DVIS!


Our annual 'Big Week', 8th – 12th February 2016:

Healthy Living Week!

This year we wanted to focus on healthy living! The children arrived in school to find the playground was full of activities for them to take part in. The challenge was to fill in a health check card by doing 5 of the activities set out. These included:

  • A bike that made healthy smoothies using pedal power;
  • Fitness challenges;
  • An optician looking at a large model of the eye;
  • A teddy bear hospital;
  • Healthy food sorting;
  • Large models of teeth, eye, heart and ear;
  • Podiatrist talking about feet and sharing some of his equipment;
  • A test of the brain linked to colour;
  • Blood testing station for our dolls;

After a short while in the playground everyone came into the hall. We had a ‘news flash’ from the reporter Johnny Begood. He asked questions about what was going on in the school during the week and whether we could help him show others what healthy living looked like.

During the week the children took part in numerous activities. There was Zumba, yoga, circuits, hula hooping, rugby and skipping which focussed the children on healthy and fun ways to exercise.

There were several interactive and exciting workshops too during the week all about the body, healthy eating and sugar!

Mrs Poyton tried making a soup which she thought showed a balanced diet but she had notrealised sugar cubes, a whole carrot, splash of milk and some baked beans would not make a good soup and certainly was not going to be healthy! Thankfully our school dinner’s company, Chartwells, were on hand to deliver some great sessions on soup making. Every child got to watch a professional chef at work and tasted some delicious, and very healthy, soup! Each class then had to design and make their own soup or smoothie, including thinking about ingredients and packaging. At the end of the week Mrs Mills tasted the soups and awarded prizes for the tastiest!

The week was a great success and the children really embraced the topic. They were thinking carefully about the food they eat as well as the exercise they do.

Thank you to all the parents who supported us during the week.

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Precision Teaching

Watch our recent talk for parents on how to help your children at home with specific learning objectives:

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