Special Learning Events

Throughout the course of the year we hold a number of special memorable events for the children. So far this year these have included: Book Week, Eco Week, Science Day, Sports Day and International Evening. These are by no means the only memorable times for the children…each day we aim to hold exciting and engaging learning opportunities for the children at DVIS!

Our annual Big Week:

This year we held our BIG week again and the topic was ART! The children arrived in the playground on Monday morning which had been set up to incorporate a whole range of art media, styles and methods. We had painting in the style of Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock, as well as clay for Barbara Hepworth style creations! The children spent time printing, painting, mark making, designing and creating imaginative pieces.

By the time we arrived to our assembly that day we had been lent some amazing pieces of artwork by an 'unusual' sounding gallery called the "National British Gallery". Every class had been given a canvas and on the count of three the teachers revealed this master pieces from under the dust covers. In a terrible turn of events, the art work had gone and all the canvases were empty! Of course there was wide spread shock amongst the children and staff. Mrs Poyton asked what we could do to make this situation right. The children suggested creating their own pieces of artwork...and so this is what they did.

The week culminated in the most beautiful display of large canvases all created in the style of the artists that the classes are named after. The children also created their own individual pieces that were framed and displayed and shared with parents. With the help of the parents we set up a silent auction for the large pieces and they all sold, raising an incredible total of over £2,500!This money went towards sending four teachers to Uganda to visit Cherish Primary School, which is linked with DVIS, and train their staff.

It was a great week, really creative and fun and it involved parents helping with workshops in school, trips to Dulwich Picture Gallery and all the time the children were developing artistic skills and talents...I wonder what we will be doing in our next BIG week?

Dulwich Village Gallery

Precision Teaching

Watch our recent talk for parents on how to help your children at home with specific learning objectives:

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