This week we are learning:

WALT: Describe 3D shapes.
WALT: Use them to print and make models.


We are reading a book called 'Aliens love Panta Claus'. The children will then design their underpants and describe them: using their sounds eg 'I like red spotty pants.'

To: read words using b, h, f and ff

Autumn 1 – My world and I

Good to be me, my family, area, park, school people, religious festivals, homes.

Autumn 2 – The land before time!

Dinosaurs, extinct animals, fossil hunting, dino egg and messed room.

Spring 1 – In with a splash

Water play, ice, rain, weather, animals that live in the sea, pond life, drought.

Spring 2 – From the furry to the feathered

Animals - wild, farm, pets, birds.

Summer 1 – Use your imagination...

Traditional tales, potions, recipes, music, role play.

Summer 2 – Creepy crawlies

Mini beasts, butterfly, snails.

To support learning, here's some suggested materials:

How to help at home

Early Years Phonics