Annual Questionnaire

Our last school questionnaire for parents was published in April 2016.

39 parents responded and some of the headlines are as follows:

97% of parents agreed 'My child is happy at school​'
95% of parents agreed 'The school provides a safe environment for my child'
92% of parents agreed 'Overall, I am satisfied with my child's school'

Parents said the areas of strength in our school:

"80% are satisfied with the out of school hours clubs" (20% felt unable to comment - clubs only run for Yr 1 & 2)
"95% said the school's senior leaders do a good job"
"95% said the school encourages my child to eat healthily"

 Areas of potential development in our school are:

"90% disagreed that their child is given too much homework"
"77% felt they knew how their child was getting on at school"
"85% felt their child was well supported when he/she first started school"

 The results do underline areas of school life we have been working hard on. For example in the past PE provision has been an area that parents were unsure about in terms of what was on offer at school and whether other local outdoor spaces could be used for PE. This area of school life has been developed through the introduction of PE specialist teachers and the use of the Griffin Sports Ground for PE in the summer.
After school clubs have been developed and a new after school club until 6:15pm has been in place for a year and is now over subscribed. This has met the needs of parents and children alike. Recreational clubs after school have also proven very popular for both Year 1 and Year 2 children and the school looks to find new ideas for clubs that the children will enjoy.

Areas we are developing include homework; we have a clearer policy on what is expected and last year we introduced letter formation handwriting sheets to practice at home as well as a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar book for the Year 2 children which will be used weekly at home. As a school we feel there must be a balance for the children who have very busy days at school and often other enrichment activities after school such as dance, swimming or football.
We are also supplying greater depth of information at the parent and teacher meetings from the autumn term 2016. The information will show what aspects of reading, writing and mathematics that the child has achieved and what areas they are still developing in. The following term it will then be clearer as to how they have progressed and what further learning is need to move forward.