Questionnaire - Broad and balanced Curriculum - March 2018

At DVIS we aim for excellence and enjoyment in the life of the school. We define a broad and balanced curriculum as one that develops the whole child and encourages a love of learning. We provide a curriculum that is challenging, builds resilience and supports children in their understanding of how to learn. We want them to be inspired to learn more about themselves, the community they live in and the world around them, developing empathy for others.

At DVIS we believe we offer a broad and balanced curriculum but this year we are looking to develop this further through:

  1. Using the children’s interest more to develop learning in class.
  2. Telling the children what specific subjects they are learning e.g. saying when they are learning History.
  3. Using a more free flow approach to introducing the topics.
  4. Adding more creative ideas and experiences to the topics.

We value your views on this area of school life and ask if you could please take 5 minutes to respond to the questionnaire in relation to the year group your child is in now, thank you. CLICK HERE

Pupil Questionnaire March 2018

We like to reflect with our children on the learning experience we offer​ and will be asking the children for their views on their time here at DVIS. CLICK HERE for more detail.