Impact & Developments

Development Focus 2017/18

The Governors, Leadership and staff at school evaluate the impact of all initiatives and actions on a regular basis. Through this process of self evaluation certain areas for development come to the fore and we then address these through the School Development Plan (SDP). These plans are often created through discussion with the children as well as other outside advisors such as members of the Southwark Diocese Board of Education (SDBE) and Local Authority.

This academic year (2017/18) we are focussing on the following developments:

  • To enhance leadership skills for middle and senior leaders within the school, ensuring they are refining their vision and strategies in order to develop their confidence and the impact on learning within school.
  • To continue to refine approaches to teaching and learning through peer observation, lessons studies and learning walks in order to support the review of the broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To embed new behaviour policy and practices.
  • To develop new ideas for transition between year groups in order to prepare the children for the changes ahead.
  • To increase the number of children in Reception exceeding in writing and the number of children at expected or better in Maths in the summer of 2018.
  • To continue to monitor progress of children with additional needs and embed use of evidence based, effective intervention where necessary.
  • To develop and monitor phonic strategies for the all pupils, ensuring consistent delivery of excellent phonics and interventions across the school.
  • To develop new interventions for writers to improve use of phonics and spelling rules.
  • To develop teaching of RE to ensure higher attainer’s are being stretched through questions of enquiry.

School data

The school publishes results each year for the end of Year 2 teacher assessments, the phonics screening checks in Year 1 and the Foundation Stage Profile assessment results.

Please note summer 15 was the last time children in Key Stage 1 will be assessed by national curriculum level descriptors. Since September 2015, we assess against the national standards – we are aiming for all our children to reach the expected standard for their age and for many to reach Mastery level (this level requires them to demonstrate a depth of understanding that goes beyond the expected standard for their age).

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pdflogoResults for 2017

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